AgroSci GardenWall™ Kit

Ever dreamt of having a green wall for your home, but were put off by the price? Dream no more. AgroSci’s affordable, easy-to-install, user-friendly GardenWall Kit is your answer. AgroSci’s GardenWall Kit turns everyday exterior walls into lush gardens. Grow greenery, flowers, vegetables and herbs on a patio wall. Transform an ordinary garage exterior into an explosion of color. Beautify posts and fences with blossoms and foliage. The possibilities are endless. The GardenWall Kit is inexpensive, durable and adaptable, attaching to almost any exterior surface. Its modular design allows you to design your own installation. Just assemble with a few basic tools and hang. For a bigger wall, add more kits. AgroSci’s GardenWall Kit uses individual pots, making plant changes a snap. What about watering? Easy-peasy. The GardenWall Kit catches rainwater and distributes it to each plant. When precipitation is lacking, the unit has a simple, failsafe watering system.

Install on any
vertical surface
Assembles with
basic tools
Easy pot
Simple watering system
Expand with
more kits
AgroSci Garden Products 15 Pot Gardenwall Kit

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