Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install this product?

Install on any outdoor vertical surface. Attach to exterior walls, fences, posts, railings. Beautify porches, patios, decks, and outbuildings.

What type of surface can I install this product on?

Install on masonry (brick, block, concrete), stucco, wood, vinyl and aluminum – surfaces can be flat or clapboard style, which in some cases requires blocking/shims to level out the surface. Learn more.

How can I hang my GardenWall Kit?

A hardware and anchor pack is included with each kit. Previous purchasers of the GardenWall Kit have used alternative methods such as zip ties, rope or chains to hang their GardenWall Kits. Please refer to this weight fact sheet when reviewing structures that the GardenWall Kit is to be installed upon. Although these alternatives have proven to work, AgroSci can only recommend and advise based on the anchor system and instructions provided. Only install product from original anchor holes in frame (see diagram). Any deviation from installation, anchoring or hanging methods are done so at the purchaser’s discretion and risk.

What do I need to install this product?

Hardware kit from box, hammer, Phillips head screwdriver, level, drill and 7/32 bit (5 mm metric).

How big are the pots?

Each individual pot in relation to the potting space is about 4″x6″x7″.

What can I plant in my pots?

This size will easily hold 4″ or 6″ annuals, herbs, leafy greens, or mini-vegetables such as mini-peppers.

How do I swap the pots?

Pots can be arranged using any spacing configuration that you choose. Simply lift the pot in or out of its spot with a gently tilt and pop. Learn more.

How do I water my plants?

You only need to water each pot using the funnel system across the top pots. Any pots underneath will receive the water overflow until the water drains out of the bottom pot indicating that your AgroSci GardenWall Kit is fully watered. Learn more.

How often do I need to water my plants?

Water your plants when the surface of the soil is dry to ½” deep and there is no rain in the forecast for 24 hours.

How much area does my kit cover?

  • 5 count is 6.5″ wide and 31.5″ tall
  • 10 count is 13″ wide and 31.5″ tall when assembled together as a vertical wall
  • 20 count is 26″ wide and 31.5″ tall when assembled together as a vertical wall

Kits can be connected both horizontally and vertically to expand in any direction. You can make custom designs any way you dream.

How should I put my plants in the pot? 

 If you are planning to hang the frame and pots vertical orientation, you should place your plants at a diagonal. if you are planning to hang the frame in the window box orientation, you can place your plants in a more upright position.

Do I need to buy new filters every season?

You do not need to buy new filters every season. Simply rinse them off and let them dry before storing them, or consider creating a winter greenery decoration planter to use your kit through all seasons.